Astreca Pharmaceuticals

Astreca Pharma is close to my heart and I personally lead the Pharma team. It is a noble business, which demands extreme responsibility and needs high business acumen.  Astreca is fully concerned with providing affordable pharmaceutical products nationwide. It is committed to finding a balance between social, environmental and economic responsibilities as a responsible corporate. Our list of products is short, but we are highly focussed on them. While the existing product list is very interesting, we are working on new generation molecules, which will soon be added to our product list. Our policy is to have no shortcuts and do everything with highest standards.

We are fortunate to have a team of highly professional and dedicated staff. The credit for exponential growth goes to them. Our unique success story with high sustainable growth in the pharmaceutical business in the years to come will be unparalleled.

We are also fortunate to have excellent business partners, with whom we are growing and this trend would continue for years to come. Mutual trust, transparency, positive work atmosphere is what we share with our business partners. In addition, we believe in strong performance in safety that contributes to our employees, competitive strength and benefits.